Monday, February 27, 2012

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

We're back from Florida and busy unpacking and settling back into reality and all that. It was great to get away though, and Benny enjoyed his first trip to the sunshine state. I'll post a few more pics when I get around to uploading them. 

Remember when I showed you our master bathroom, here? We've still done very little to it other than occasional re-accessorizing. On pinterest, however, I've been pinning all kinds of bathrooms. So, while I get our house sorted out post-vacation and try to get my mind out of holiday mode, I thought I'd share a few favourites in case you love looking at pretty bathrooms as much as I do.

For me, the ideal bathrooms are typically lots of white with some beautiful tile, perhaps some wallpaper or another pop of colour through accessories, and fantastic lighting. Here's some that I particularly love:
From Elle Decor, pinned here

From Decor Pad, pinned here
From Decor Pad, pinned here.
Note the floors, hardware, and wallpaper in this beauty:
Oh, and how I do love pretty tile. 
Original source unknown, pinned here.
Love the subway tile under the window here:
Originally here, pinned here
And isn't this tile pretty?
From Studium NYC, pinned here
Or this herringbone marble tiled floor. 
From The Enchanted Home, pinned here
These wall-mounted faucets are amazing, especially against that glass subway tile. Great lighting, too:
From Houzz, pinned here
I also love when people use regular furniture in the bathroom for storage, like this gorgeous armoire/hutch as a bath linen and product storage place. So pretty:

This is my current favourite in the "one day Benjamin and other future little boys might have their own bathroom!" That tub, that SINK! The pops of colour are perfect without making the room overly juvenile.
Original source unknown, pinned here
This kids' bathroom is awfully cute, too. Love this big sink and, again, just a pop of colour against a white backdrop (and I also LOVE the doorknobs):
Original source unknown, pinned here
And just one more amazing children's sink
From Design Dazzle, pinned here

And here are two over-the-top, dreamy, unreal spaces:
Pinned here
And my fave - a walk in bath!
Pinned here

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  1. I love those Kohler utility sinks. I looked into one for our farmhouse bathroom but the price kicked my butt!

  2. Gorgeous round up! the source unknown pic is a Sarah Richardson design - she did it recently for a reno in the UK that was featured in Style at Home.

  3. Can't wait to see Florida pics! I love airy, white bathrooms. So pretty. And that chevron tile is amazing - I want . . .

  4. Even though these represent a lot of different styles, I totally agree with you -- these are pretty close to my ideal too!

  5. Ah that shower tub over the beach is AMAZING!

  6. These bathrooms are gorgeous. I'll take any of the first four. Love the way the addition of flowers just adds to the look.

  7. These are like “the” ideal bathrooms for people of all ages. Incredible! I was amazed by the children’s sink and those over-the-top bathtubs in dreamy places. These two will be perfect for the whole family. You’ve made fine choices. These bathrooms look awesome! If I was in your place, I’ll have a hard time choosing. If I can, I’ll mix all of these up and turn my bathroom into a wonderful creation. Haha!

    Herb Koguchi

  8. This post is awesome! The pictures are certainly wonderful. Pretty sure a lot of homeowners are now inspired to spruce up their bathrooms.


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