Friday, December 9, 2011

NYC's Anthropologie - Holiday & Home Decor Inspiration Galore

We're back!

After a great trip to Connecticut, then Brooklyn and Manhattan in NYC, we are finally back in Toronto. I'm sorry I've been so absent in the blogosphere! Looking forward to visiting and catching up on posts as soon as I have a spare hour when Benjamin is napping :)

As I said, it was a great trip. And I have soooo much to show you. Today, I wanted to start with one little snippet of our trip. Specifically, one section of the amazing NYC Rockefeller Center Anthropologie store. It's a beauty. Ben slept long enough for me to poke around the home section of Anthro, which is really the best section anyway. I thought there was lots of inspiration to be found in this small section of the shop, and snapped some photos to share with you. 

The ornaments. There were some totally amazing ornaments, some that might be worth buying and some that you could easily DIY your own version of. We didn't buy anything, but I chose some to show you. 

These ornaments were an amazing version of the mod-podged book page ornaments that are so popular right now. I love how the little animals have some book page scraps on them, but also some paint. 
And on this version, I just think the choice of animal is so funny. I think you could easily make this with your choice of animal (and I think I might just try if I can find a few mins -- stay tuned)
Here's some others that I loved that you could easily recreate. 
Another thing I loved? These paint-dipped paint stir stick drum shade pendant lamps. Now, you could totally make this for very little money, and I think in the right room (a craft room or kids' space would be fun) this could be a fun touch. 
Candles, perfume, and soap are also Anthropologie treats that I love. They make awesome gifts.
My Mom also picked up a few of these pretty keychains as little presents for a few special women.
Little decorative Christmas ideas abounded. Here, there were sweet displays of trees and winter scenes in little jars. Things like this (the infamous bottle brush trees) seem incredibly popular right now, and I loved their version.
I also loved the mercury glass - mixtures of decorative trees, decanters, and other pretties. A display like this on a console table would look amazing in someone's living room. 
They also had very different textured materials in the form of trees, like this:
Tabletop pieces & kitchenware are some of the best things at Anthropologie. Here's a peek:
I also love the furniture used as store displays throughout the shop. Check out my favourites:
 (This crates-turned wall shelves one isn't technically furniture, but it is close enough)
And the lighting throughout was fun, too, like this one:
And did you notice the stamped alphabet and numbers on the wall in one of those photos? This would be so cute in a little reading nook or kids' space. It is on the far left in this pic.
Letters, monograms, and the alphabet was sort of an overriding theme throughout the store. Here's some of the lettered things I photographed...
Another favourite of mine, which I couldn't finish the post without mentioning, is the amazing hardware they sell here. If I could, I'd buy up tons of the pretty pulls and especially the doorknobs. I would LOVE to replace our brassy knobs with antique-looking crystal ones. New hardware can also totally change how your cupboards, dresser, or other tired piece feels...
And lastly, another thing I loved were the tea towels. I would never pay the price for them, but I think they're awesome. Sarah Richardson once did a nursery that used them as pillows, and that I could totally see myself doing. 
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So good to be home :)
Jenny xo


  1. You lucky girl...NYC at Christmas, welcome back. Love the pics, looking forward to more of your trip. Diane

  2. ok, I thank you so much for this little trip to NYC...I've always said my dream job would be to dress their windows...such creativity, but at the same time stuff we have been seeing in blog land for awhile! bloggers are the most cutting edge of all, that is why big box stores are copying blogs and bloggers are getting their on shows. Fun post.

  3. Sooooo pretty. Soooooo tempting. Anthropologie is my kryptonite. I used to live within walking distance of a store. Danger.


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