Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Aberfoyle Antique Market

A week and a half ago, Matt, Benjamin and I went with two of our best friends, Stefania and Ben, to Guelph, ON (about an hour outside Toronto) for the Aberfoyle Antique Market. It was the final weekend of the market for the season (it reopens in May) so there were lots of deals to be had. None of us left empty handed. Today, I'll share some of the treasures we saw there. 
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These apothecary bottles were from the 1800s in Holland if I recall correctly. An incredible collection, all in great condition with original hand-painted labels and, as Stefania discovered, the strong scents of their former contents still lingering inside. (Too bad the glass case made it hard to capture them)
 There was also beautiful china everywhere. I resisted buying it. But seriously, there were buckets of gorgeous bone china teacups. Just laying about in buckets. Wild, I tell you.
 I also adored the antique toy cars. I wanted to buy some for Benjamin's future toddler room. They were pricy though, so I didn't buy any. 
This random thing (I have no clue what it is) was made of the most amazing wood and rusty metal parts. The outside was all smooth wood. I wanted to buy it, lay it on its side, and have a glass tabletop cut to make a really amazing coffee table where you could see the industrial parts and chippy rusty bits inside through the sleek new glass top. However, having nowhere for this imaginary coffee table to live, I also passed on it. 
Brass items were all over and I really loved some of them. Some needed spray paint. Stefania bought a super awesome nutcracker made of brass molded to look like a giant walnut. I wish I had taken a picture. I'll get one and show it to you some other time.
I did take home some vintage door parts (doorplates with keyholes, in particular). I have such a thing for old door parts, skeleton keys, and other such things. If I had the money, I'd replace our ugly 80s brass doorknobs with gorgeous antique ones. Anyway, I plan to frame some of the doorplates. I'll show you when I get around to it. 
Here's a few more of the things that caught my eye for one reason or another.
(This next stuff oddly made me wish for a house with a yard where Benjamin and I could build an amazing nautical treehouse when he is bigger). 
Of course, there was also a lot of hideous & strange stuff around. Yikes!
Isn't this such a weird chair(s) - they are joined and facing opposite ways. Bizarre.
However, although there was plenty of ugly art, all of the frames are pretty awesome & well-priced.
I didn't even mind these paintings, and look at the price tags for these original framed pieces ($20!).
I wish I had considered these lamps more. They are pretty striking. And you know I'm looking for new lamps, as I jabbered on about here. These ones were not super cheap but I regret not seeing what I could negotiate. 
Stefania and Ben also bought some beautiful flatware.
 And we loved all these vintage crates, and brought home the Magic Baking Powder one. It is Benjamin's new toy box to corral his ever-growing stash of toys in the living room.
 All in all, a fantastic day with lots of fun finds. I love mixing vintage and antique pieces with history and character into spaces with more modern pieces. Plus, it is fun to hunt around and find them, and to see how life has changed but also stayed the same.
If you want to see some other cool finds from past flea market and antique fair trips, check out this & this (some of my favourite finds). 
Soon, I'll snap pics of a few other things that found their way home with us, too. 
And on Thursday I'll show you the amazing present Matt bought me for my birthday (which is, as you may have guessed, on Thursday). In fact, the whole day at Aberfoyle was Matt's idea. Isn't he the best?

Jenny xo

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  1. What fun you had, and look at that darling Ben! He just gets cuter and cuter.

    Love the crates and the apothecary jars. And that odd "chair" is actual called a tete-a-tete. Probably Victorian. I always am on the lookout for cool frames because you can use them for other things despite what's in them. Thanks for taking us on this jaunt with you. I liked that secretary. I've been in the market for something like that for our bedroom. I think I might have found it last week. ;-)



  2. Wow, a tete-a-tete (I've studied French long enough to understand why it is called that). Thanks for letting me know! Jenny xo

  3. Looks like a great place with loads of great stuff! Always fun to go with friends. Also a cute hubby and baby!

  4. The antiques were pretty cool, but that baby is the cutest ever.

  5. oh my gosh! all the maps! in believable.

  6. That looks like such a fun place! Those apothecary jars are so cool and ohhh, be still my heart...look at that load of pretty teacups...I know I'd have had to have one of those :)
    Thanks for sharing your day...
    Big hugs,
    P.S. Your little one is a doll!

  7. Awesomeness! I would love for you to share over at my Linky Party!

  8. What a lot of eye candy! I am going to the Scott Antique Show in Atlanta this Friday and hope to find a few treasures. I collect apothecary jars and love the ones you photographed.

  9. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I just love flea markets. Seeing your pictures wishes I could come visit!

  10. I haven't been to a good antique market in awhile and it looks like there were some great finds!
    Your baby is such a cutie!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Hi Jenny, Thanks for sharing this great trip at the Rock 'n Share! I LOVE Antiques and Flea Markets! Sounds like you're blessed with a keeper too...my hubby will antique/flea mkt with me also! haha Early birthday blessings to you!

  12. What a fab place - thanks for all the photos. If it had been me I would have spent all my time rooting around in the bucket of teacups - treasure for sure!

  13. What fun, I love looking at flea markets, antique stores, etc. I liked the collection of fine china cups and saucers. Kathi

  14. Thank you for the wonderful shopping trip. Wow, such awesome goodies! I love those green lamps, they remind me of one my grandma used to have. The teacups and apothecary bottles are gorgeous. Love the picture of the strollers so many generations apart.

  15. I really enjoyed going to the antique market with you...so many treasures. I got to be honest, I would be regretting not getting the lamps, too! You always regret what you didn't buy; not what you did, right? Looking forward to following your blog...

  16. Oh I want one of those little tea cups, the calico chintz one

    that looked like a great flea market.

    makes me want to go to one today


  17. Sounds like a fun day. (My favorites would be the secretary, crates and porthole covers.)

  18. Wow that looks awesome! So awesome! I feel like out here in Hawaii there isn't going to be anything like that. One of the drawbacks of living on an island. But, I can dream of one day going to a place like that. Great stuff, fun stuff, I don't know how you didn't spend a small fortune and someone's college fund. haha

  19. Ah I keep forgetting this part lol ps- Stopping by from Check Me Out Saturdays! :)

  20. so similar to my saturday's post!! looks like a great day, isn't old "junk" beautiful?!


  21. No good flea markets around here, bummer. Lots of good yard sales though so I can't complain. Love all your finds.

  22. The chair is called a tete-tete. Love it. Those two frames were well worth $20. Was that just to get rid of them until the season starts next year? I love antiques stores/malls and such. I just found your blog and love it.

  23. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous! There's nothing like that here in S. Florida.

    P.S. Come visit my blog for a chance to win 25 FREE Shutterfly Holiday Cards: http://acraftyescape.blogspot.com/2011/11/giveaway-shutterflys-2011-holiday-cards.html

  24. It all sounds like you had a great time. Isn't it great to go to these fairs? I absolutely love the wicker pram. The boxes of teacups would have been incredible to get too. The two seated affair is what we call here in Australia,a love seat. Happy Birthday for Thursday x

  25. What a great Market offering such a wide selection of Found Treasures... I Love wandering around at venues such as this!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. I love the globe and I think the wheel would have made a great table base. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  27. Now THAT is paradise!!! Man, that box of teacups would have had me there alone for hours!

  28. I love the treasure in the 1st pic best! Gorgeous. :o)

    I think the strange chair is a courting chair. The couple could sit face to face & have an intimate conversation & still have the arm separating them for propriety. So fun!

    I followed your link from The Shabby Nest. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Thanks for sharing your trip with us...so many fascinating things to see. I think the tete-a-tete chair would look great reupholstered.

  30. Thanks for the journey of vintage inspiration and finds. Loving anything vintage. You got one cute hub and adorable little boy. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.

  31. Thanks for sharing your tour of Aberfoyle! I moved from Guelph about 4 years ago to North Carolina. I miss it like crazy, especially hanging out every weekend at the Aberfoyle antique market. It's such a great spot.


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