Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Tiny Master Bath - In Progress

Today I'd like to share our master bathroom with you. There is a lot we'd like to do here (i.e. gut it, or magically make it much bigger!) but with no real money to spend we've instead added a few things to make it more functional and a little prettier. We also have some ideas of how to change it up inexpensively, but are stuck on a few things. Maybe you can help? 
Let me lay it out for ya - the list of to do's, and our questions... and, while I'm at it, I'll show you all the details of the current space, which is not a proper before but also not a finished after. I guess it is in process. 
So, here is the list of what we'd like to do:

1. Fix up the walls (some areas have taken a beating) and paint 'em
2. Pant existing vanity (it is in great shape but is outdated - we'd like to take a brush to them, just like how we changed up our kitchen cabinets with paint, but probably a deep gray/blue) - but there is a toilet paper holder I want to get rid of first. And I have no idea how to.
3. Frame the mirror (a la Mirror Mate or similar)
4. Replace the old medicine cabinet.
5. Replace the one ugly remaining towel bar and add hooks to the back of the door. 
6. Create decent undersink storage (it is a hot mess in there).
7. Possibly upgrade the cheap white shelf thing we added above the towel bar. 
8. Fix the bath tub/shower head switch (we can only have water come out of the shower head at the moment due to some unknown plumbing issue). 
9. Replace countertops (maybe with a marble remnant?)
10. Replace faucet with something gorgeous and modern. 

Anyway, here's the rest of the pics of the space now. Hopefully we'll slowly fix it up. 

A greyish basket holds rolled white towels and adds texture. 
These photograph funny, but antique-looking glass shower curtain holder things add a touch of sparkle.
This giraffe was a gift from my brother Mikey, who brought him back from a trip through South Africa. I love him and he moves around our place. 
Artwork from the TJMaxx clearance aisle ($6).
Little glass jars for holding essentials - cotton pads, Q-tips and tealights. 

Monogrammed towels.

A $30 shelf from Canadian tire with little doors gives us some more storage to keep the countertop clear. 
This candle sits atop an antique teacup saucer. 
Oh, and here is the soap dispenser until I find one. 

The faucet photographs a bit better than how it looks in real life... 
Ugh, the toilet paper holder that I cannot seem to remove without damaging the cabinet. ANY IDEAS? We have a towel bar just like it stuck to the wall (fortunately, behind the door).
And one thing I do really like -- this gorgeous floor tile. I love the natural stone and the smokey greys, blues and taupes. Tricky to photograph though...


  1. Hi Jenny!

    I also have a small bathroom. The footprint can't be changed, (well it could, but that takes lots of money lol), so paint works.

    I made Ana White's shelf for my bath and wonder if that might work in your space.

    I know you hate the toilet roll holder, but where else can you put it?

    btw, years ago, I used to work on Simcoe street.

  2. Your bathroom looks great...and will be smashing with a paint job. Seems with all you r accessories and that great floor you are almost there!.I say leave the toilet paper holder where it is...loke Mel said...where else?...we have one mounted on a cabinet like that in our powder room, it takes up less space than a basket full of rolls...and its out of the way. Your cabinet will be great with a new colour!...Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

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  4. My current bath is small as well but I have managed to add flair in big ways . Go take a look!I think your is great so far.

  5. My bath is also small. This Friday, I'll be hosting the Roomspiration blog party all about bathrooms. Hope you can link it up by then. Meantime, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Hope you can swing by again and link up at Creative Bloggers Party & Hop.

  6. Hi Jenny! Hope you're well! We are moving {very soon} and I will have mirrors like this in my two bathrooms. While some people don't like them, I am very excited to have them and do the mirror mate type frames around them. I look forward to seeing what you do in here!

  7. Love your bathroom. The finished look is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about my master bath! I think yours is coming along nicely. I know how it is to have a long "to do" list but time and money get in the way. Regarding the toilet paper holder, why not just leave it and paint the cabinet around it? If it's stuck, you may damage the cabinet trying to get it off. You're going to need to have one in there anyway. I like the idea of repainting your cabinet in a color. That will help give that room more personality and style. The good thing is that the room isn't so large that it will be overly time consuming or overly expensive to do! Good luck with your renovation. Enjoy what you've done so far.

  9. I don't see another convenient space for the toilet paper holder, but it looks like its a silicone caulk holding it on--you could take a box cutter and (carefully) cut it off. But I bet the side will be damaged beneath it. Its probably easier to leave it on and paint around it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your son is adorable!

  10. You have done an amazing job! I am so impressed! Can't wait to see the final product! I bet you are going to love having this new space! Thank you very much for sharing @ Show & Share!

  11. It looks great! I'm a new follower. I hope you'll stop by!

  12. Nice Post about Master Bathroom Many peoples like beautiful bathroom


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