Friday, September 9, 2011

Labour Day Weekend BBQ (with alpacas!)

Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting our friend Robbie (in town from London for the weekend) at his parents' place, about 45 minutes outside of Toronto. They own a stunning 110 acre piece of land with a lovely house (run primarily by some large solar panels, which I thought was awesome), lots of ponds to swim in and streams running through forest, and natural springs galore. I think I was so taken in by the beauty of the place (and the fun of the huge BBQ they hosted) that I forgot to take photos. Bad blogger, I know. But I do have a few and thought I'd share them with you. 
My favourite thing is that Robbie's parents, now retired from the corporate world and downtown city life (though they keep a studio apartment there) have taken up several hobbies in the country. Robbie's Dad raises bees and produces tons of honey each year (and also dabbles in stained glass) and his mother raises alpacas and sells things made from their fur. We had fun visiting the alpacas. If only Benjamin were a little older, I bet he'd have loved it as much. We'll have to go back when he's bigger. 

Have a great weekend!
Jenny xo


  1. omg that is awesome! alpacas are from Peru, just like me! thanks for your super kind comment on my jewelry frame :D

  2. What an absolutely stunning place. Would have loved to see more photos, you bad blogger you. lol I can see why you were distracted. Thanks for stopping by, and leaving such a nice compliment.

  3. What amazing pics! Love them all!


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