Friday, August 19, 2011

A Turquoise, Lime & Bieber Tween Room

One of my aunts who lives nearby in Toronto is currently doing a major renovation on her home. This means that, when it is all finished, there will be new bedrooms to decorate for my five cousins (three of whom currently share one tiny room). One of my cousins, a 12 year old girl, has told me that she wants to have a room that features lots of turquoise, lime green, and a bit of purple - because that is Justin Bieber's favourite colour. She has mega Bieber fever. 

Her idea was to paint the whole room lime green. I decided to come up with some ideas that involve a more palatable dose of such bright colours. Mixed with some neutrals, I think the space stands a better chance of growing with her. So, this is a very quick mood board created for this potential space. Maybe she'll let me help decorate :)

Sources for key items:
Dresser, chair, pendant - Ikea
Smile pillow - PB Teen
Bedding (only $32.81 CDN for the set!!) - Overstock

Jenny xo


  1. Love the colors...what a fun room!

    I am now following. Hope you have a chance to stop by my blog too!

    wishing you a wonderful weekend and ciao!

  2. Jenny- this is great! May I ask how you made your mood board? I am seeing them all over Pinterest and other places but I'm not sure how to make them, and would love to be able to. You have a new follower for sure. :-)

  3. Hi Natalie -- you can make them in Adobe, or on a website called Polyvore (which is how I made this one). Hope that helps!


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