Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello friends,

Well, I've been exploring all of the options for how to fix my "I've run out of space already?!" issue. The bottom line seems to be that fixing this is going to (a) take a lot of time (resizing every photo, for instance) and (b) probably cost money (not necessarily a lot, but who knows how soon I'd be back here again -- it has only been six weeks, after all...). Because of all kinds of other changes happening in our lives right now, I'm feeling like I don't have the time or money to devote to this right now -- after all, it was supposed to be just for fun, a way to relax a little after a long day at work. 

I'll be back eventually, and will still be reading all of your blogs all of the time, but for now this is a see ya later. Thanks for all the fun! The blogging stars just aren't aligning for me right now...



  1. Hi Jenny...

    Well my friend, we have just met but I will miss you!!! I certainly understand...blogging really can consume alot of time. I do hope that you will come back once things are settled for you!!! You know, I ran into the same problem with the photos...where blogger said that I had used up my limit. What I did was download my photos to Photobucket and I use them from there. That took care of the problem! Photobucket doesn't cost anything...of course, you can get an "unlimited photos" acct. with them...which I did...simply because I have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos. But I also like the thought that my photos are safely stored in Photobucket...just in case of a computer crash..eeeks...God forbid!

    Well sweet lady, I have sooo enjoyed getting to know you! I really do hope that you'll come back to your blog when you can!!! Best wishes to you and your sweet family!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Hey, Jenny, I will miss your posts! But, I'm sure I'll see you on Crafty Geordi, I know you come because of your sweet comments. 'Till then, my friend!

  3. I will really miss your awesome photos and ideas. Hopefully things will settle down and you'll be back soon.
    Take care,

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Best of luck with everything! I hope you can come back to blogging soon!

    Take care,

  5. Sorry to hear you will be leaving us for a little while! I hope you find a free or inexpensive solution and that you come back soon.
    Happy Holidays from your first follower! :)

  6. Maybe you could do a donate button until you could resize? I understand if not :)

  7. Sometimes it is best to re-evaluate our time and commitment. I do understand. I will miss your posts. I look forward to hearing from you and leave a line open so we can drop in and say hello. Hugs, Marty

  8. We will all be here when you decide the time is right, we all need a break sometime, have a wonderful holiday.


  9. Boo! I do love reading your blog. Hope to "see" you soon!

    Flannery @

  10. Lame. I was really getting into your blog Jenny! When you come back use photobucket and all will be well. Miss you.

  11. Hi Jenny,
    I hope you are able to get the photo issue resolved, you do have a lovely blog and I will miss you too.
    Have a beautiful, very merry Christmas.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Hi Jenny, I don't know about this... do you try to re size all your pictures, I mean from all your old posts? its a hectic way but try to do it, do you upload all the pictures in their actual size? OK there is another option, shift your blog to Word press, I am sure it has more space... you can contact me at
    My son is doing like this and a expert, he too insisted me to shift on Word press, so if you like to do it he can guide you... and we will once again see your beautiful post

  13. Hi Jenny, Thank you for stopping by my blog, I really had a shock when I saw your message,I thought no one was going to visit, I was going to give up but your message has given me a spark of excitement so thank you very much. As for no time to blog I really can relate and find it hard myself too but don't give up you have done a really great job and I can't wait to read it all. Best of luck with the photo problem, it's hard being the new kids on the block it's a lot to learn. Take care
    Anxiety , craft and Madness in Oz


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