Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taking Care of Business...

After feeling quite lazy the last few days, finally, finally, things are being crossed off the to-do list around here...
We did a huge grocery shop (you can see a few things - potatoes, onions, garlic, avocados - sorted into little Christmas bowls atop our ugly old microwave in our kitchen) and it is so good to have tons of fresh food choices. 

 And I've been cooking up things in big batches to freeze and take to work/school for lunches, like this super healthy lentil tomato soup... Next up is chili, my favourite.
And of course I've been unpacking a few more decorations, like these ones on top of our monogrammed 1920s storage box (I told you about how we found it -- with my initials, hooray! -- right here). You can see more of our Christmas touches around the condo here and here

 The photo in the beaded silverplate frame is me sitting on Santa's lap and my big sister, Christine, standing beside him (you got a glimpse of her home makeover here and here -- can't wait to show you more very soon!).
The silver and white snowman is actually a big candle inside, a gift from my mother-in-law. 
Here's some close ups for you...

I also took care of another 5 or so holiday cards. Doing them a few at a time helps it from feeling like a too-big task.
Ok, well now that some house stuff is done it is time to finally get some serious work done on some reports for work and things for school, so I'm off for a little while. Have a great day!



  1. I am SO envious of your gorgeous monogrammed box. And your initials too. How cool is that!!?

    You must have been absolutely thrilled to bits when you got it.


  2. Hi Jenny,
    You have been a busy girl. Your home looks so pretty and festive. Your monogrammed box is wonderful and so vintage, what a great find..it was meant for you.
    Good for you for meal planning, it sure does help when your to tired at night to cook!, your a smart girl!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. You sure are busy. I love all your decorations. How smart to get a jump on your Christmas cards.

  4. Hey Jenny! Love your decorations. Pop on over to my blog and check out the winners of my latest giveaway! :-) Please contact me when you see who's won!

  5. What a busy little bee you are. Full of sweet spirit.
    Thanks so much for coming by my place..and sure hope you will come again soon.
    I just love that snowman candle..and the Christmas photos are precious.
    I am just about to be your newest follower.:)
    xo bj

  6. Super impressed at your cards- they are beautiful, and way to get them done in advance!

  7. Hi Jenny-

    You are inspiring me to get myself organized. I have been wanting to make a batch of soup and some other things to freeze so I have healthy grab and go lunches to take to work. Lentil soup - my fav! I also love the snowman candle - he is so cute and chic with his silver finish.
    My best- Diane

  8. Oh my goodness! How do you manage to stay so organized? The soup looks so yummy. That's what I need to do...make up a big batch.
    Love the cards too. Great job.


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