Monday, November 15, 2010

Starting our holiday cards..

This morning right after breakfast I started writing our Christmas and other holiday cards. We are lucky to be from a huge family, but this, together with our wonderful friends, means there are a lot of cards to write. I handle this by 
(a) buying the cards early at discount stores 
(sometimes in January the year before for up to 90% off, then storing them in the box with our Christmas decor so I know right where they are come November -- but not this year since we knew we were moving from NYC to Toronto) and 
(b) by starting them early and doing them a few at a time. 

Have you started your holiday cards yet?
I picked up a few mismatched sets from the sale rack at Home Sense recently, for between $5-$7 for a set of 15.

(Ignore the smudge on the envelope below - I blurred out our address on my computer before posting). 

And, speaking of stationery and mail, I thought I'd show you the little thank you cards I used after my birthday party last week. 
I find the best way to find really nice quality thank you notes on a budget is to look for past-season bridal note cards. These ones, by Brides, were $3.99 for 40. They are thick and textured and the perfect size. When I see sets like this at TJ Maxx or Home Sense or wherever that aren't too "bridal," I buy 'em. You really can't beat the price, and you can never have too many thank you notes on hand. 
 You can see the little "past season" descriptor and the price tag below. 
I keep all of my stationery for all occasions, all purchased on sale, in a big drawer in our home office. Stickers, stamps and other little things to customize and make my own cards or dress up envelopes are in there, too. 
One last tip: I use a sharpie and write directly on the stationery package the names of who I've sent that card to. That way, in future, I can choose a different card rather than send the same one over and over to someone. I realize this might sound crazy to some people, and I'm ok with that. What can I say, I like writing letters and just love pretty cards and papers (especially when they're on clearance!).

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  1. I can't believe it already time to start thinking about sending out Christmas cards! Great idea about writing on the box.

  2. You got some good deals on some very nice cards. Great idea about writing who you have sent the cards to on the boxes.

  3. Girl, you are so good to get a head start. I just may have to start this week and have that task done! I have a list that I sent out last year that I use to determine how many I need. Thanks for the push!

  4. You definitely have a head start! I hope to start soon. I buy mine ahead too (because I love to save money.) I've been surfing through previous posts, and I'm now your newest follower.

  5. I like to collect thank you cards too, because you never know when you might need them. I've tried making a few of my own as well. It is so smart of you to start your Christmas cards will be one less thing to do later on!

  6. What great tips and your cards look wonderful. I have to get mine going to. Please don't worry about the spoons, I am in no hurry. I appreciate the gift. Thanks so much. Hugs, Marty

  7. Wonderful job on organization. I usually by my cards on sale in January too! I also love the post using the wine bottles and corks. Great ideals. Thanks for sharing.


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