Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Imaginary Christmas Decor Shopping

I keep telling myself not to buy anything -- 
we are trying to save, and we don't really need anything.
However, some of the Christmas things I'm seeing in my favourite stores are really testing my will power...

As you may know, in our living room we're doing lots of blues, silvers and pearly whites for Christmas this year (you can see the start of the decorating here). Blue is and always has been my favourite colour, so it mixes well with items we already have and our existing decor. (You can take a peek at our living room right here). 

If you're thinking of a blue Christmas, maybe some of these will appeal to you, too. Many of them could be used year round as well because they aren't overly "themed." With a few Christmas baubles, though, they'd make for a great holiday table.  

First there are some amazing teal foil ruffle chargers from Crate and Barrel. They are available here, $14.95 for 4 or $4.95 each.

I'd love to pair these with my white china, a silvery salad plate and these cute napkin rings, $2.95 from C&B, click here to purchase.

Or maybe these ($4.95 each, available here)
Or maybe these. I have a newfound obsession with pewter and antique silver (I dream of one day owning a pewter flatware set).
These are from Pottery Barn, $39 for 6, available here.

These antiqued glass candleholders would fit right in, too. C&B, $3.50 each, available here.

And to make it extra-fun, guests could have martinis out of these cute martini glasses from Z Gallerie ($51.80 for 4)

These would also look great in a crystal, tarnished silver or wooden bowl on the coffee table. 
From C&B, $15.60 for 8, available here.

This little salt and pepper shaker would fit right in on Simcoe Street, too. I've always loved bird ornaments, so we have a few. I can imagine using them as table decor with this set.
This is from Pottery Barn, right here. Like most of the other items I've chosen, this would be great all year and is not your typical Christmas theme.

And these, though not exactly blue, are just lovely. I think they'd look great with the above salt and pepper set. And they have some blue in them.
Williams-Sonoma's 12 Days of Christmas Dinnerware (bowls shown, $49.95 for six). 

And last but not least, this gorgeous set, though not Christmas-y, has been on my wish list for ages and ages, and I still think they are fantastic. In fact, I love everything from this line of antique silver stuff at Pottery Barn. I have the bottle opener and I love it. Maybe Santa will read this...?
Alas, it is fun to do some imaginary shopping, but the truth is I doubt I'll buy any of these things (well, maybe some chargers... they coordinate with a set of four that I already have, and I usually want more than four chargers in a "set"). However, as fun new things can be, saving up for something BIG (I'll tell you about that one day soon) is feeling pretty great, too. 

Have you done any real or imaginary holiday shopping lately?
If so, I'd love if you could link to your blog post or link to the item in a comment so I can check it out!



  1. oooh! I see where your colors are heading...lovely! I heart those salt and pepper shakers! I'm thinking about Christmas decor, too! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I love all of the things that you have pictured today. I adore all of the blues, that is such a great blue, but those salt and pepper shakers are TDF!!! I love them!
    We are very lucky to have our Thanksgiving over with early so we can get right into the next Season! :) I LOVE Christmas!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Great napkin rings and salt and peppers!

  4. Jenny, I think this is perfect for a Blue Christmas! I have a lot of blue in my home, too, and two years ago, I found the cutest pottery plates with snowflakes on them from Dollar Tree! I was thrilled. They didn't have salad plates, but that's okay because I have a series of "Cookies for Santa" plates I have picked up over the years to use for desserts in addition to our more formal plates. I do have other china in red and green, but the blue gives me a chance to change things up as the spirit moves me. If I think of some wonderful Christmas pattern for salads in blue, I will let you know because that's what I do with my fine china. I have fine china edged in gold, and I always change the table with the addition of different accent plates. It's fun, but addictive. LOL! I am in love with those blue ornaments from C&B. So cute!

    You asked about my salad plates with the words on them. They are at least fifteen years old, and they are made by a company called John Tams. I listed all the accoutrements at the end of my post. I should have mentioned the salad plate in the body of the post as well, but didn't. I will for sure next time. :-) I don't know the name of the pattern, not sure it has one, but you can find a reference to them on However, they didn't have any the last time I checked.

    The good news is, Emma Bridgewater (an English company) makes similar plates with words, and they are in production. They are very cute, and you might want to check out their website, eBay, and Replacements. I love her cute plates!

    Hope this helps! I always love meeting another dish lover!!!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Hey Jenny,I love lookin' in the China Cabinet,and would love to be that organized!..maybe one day.Love your blog/photo's.I am new follower.And thank you so much for visiting LazyonLoblolly and the sweet comment, don't be a stranger and drop back anytime....and BTW,looks like your shopping list is fantastic.and will look great with your other Christmas decor.

  6. You are hitting the colors dead on that I am going to be using this Christmas. I want to use that blue green, silver, pearly white, and just hints of red. Thanks for sharing these photos.


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