Saturday, November 13, 2010

Closet Mini Makeover

Today, I wanted to show my closet mini-makeover with you. It's still got a ways to go before it is beautified, but I am happy we've at least achieved organized....
When we moved in to our condo, storage was a major issue. There is a small walk-in closet off the bedroom, but the configuration of wire shelving installed by the previous owners made it hard to (a) store anything in an organized way and (b) see anything. You see, the closet is quite narrow, so having hanging racks on both sides left about 5 inches between the hangers -- clearly not enough space to move around and check out one's wardrobe. I wish I had a picture -- it was the strangest closet you'll ever see. 

Shortly after moving in, my Mom and I ripped everything out and decided we could fix it up ourselves for very little money. We set out to Home Depot and found that this unit was the perfect height for our space - with about 1.5 inches clearance on top. We bought one and brought it home for a little over $64 CDN.

Unfortunately, once we got it home, we realized there was nowhere to attach the rack on the left side (the sliding closet door takes up that whole wall of the closet). We then decided to go get one more unit, and have them flank the closet with a double hanging rack in between (long dresses, etc. go in the wardrobe unit in the bedroom so we didn't need that here). 

We couldn't fit this on the other side of the closet as there would be no space in between... we did, however, find a way to squeeze in a lot of storage that takes up very little space. We did this in the form of shallow square cubbies - perfect for stacking sweaters and whatnot. Storage baskets from Home Depot helped make it more versatile. The unit set us back $139 (available here), and we added extra cubbies topped with more storage baskets on top since we had the height to work with. 

For a while, it looked good. Then slowly over time it became a disaster. It started that we popped some stuff in there when company came over -- and then didn't move it. And soon clothes were just everywhere in a disorganized mess. The tiny closet suddenly felt miniature and maddening. 

Brace yourself, the "before" is not pretty at all...
(though it looked far worse in person, believe it or not)
Stuff had become randomly stashed on shelves, sometimes folded and sometimes not. 

And clothes were all over the place, like this (and these are the 
clean ones!)

I could no longer live like this, so today took EVERYTHING out of the closet to be organized. I also got rid of a bag of clothes to donate to goodwill, which feels great. I laid stuff out and grouped it, then folded to fit the shelving. 
 Once I arranged it on the shelves in a way that makes sense for us, I made some temporary labels with cut up index cards, a sharpie and scotch tape. I'll be making a much prettier version soon. Having them on the inside of the shelves like this makes them easily visible from the entry of the closet. 

Ah, it's so nice to be organized...

 The littlest things made the biggest difference, like making sure Matt's shirts were all facing the same way. I'd love to put them all on pretty wooden hangers that match one day, too. 
And now that I see the photo, I think I'll rearrange the ties by colour...
 We have squeezed in a few pretty storage things in the tiny space. This little box houses Matt's cufflinks.

 And aren't these hooks from Anthropologie cute? They hang on a blank space of wall right by the closet entrance. 

There you have it: our still-a-work-in-progress-but-finally-organized little closet.
Can't wait for Matt to see it when he gets home :)

Happy Saturday!



  1. THANK YOU JENNY!!!!!! This looks amazing.

  2. Wow, it looks fabulous. I love all the labels, so you really know what you're looking for. Looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Nice organizing!! The labels are great! You have inspired me to tackle my closet tomorrow.

  4. Lookin' good girl!! Isn't it so nice to have everything organized so you can see it?? I love the knobs too. And the ties look just like my husband's!

  5. Such organization.....I'm jealous. You might be shocked at how messy my closet is. Everything seems to get thrown in there and I really need to go through and organize. You might have just motivated me with this post.

    Thanks you so much for an award. I appreciate you picking my blog out of so many inspirational ones out there.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  6. Wonderful job, Jenny! Doesn't it feel great to organize!

  7. That is sooooooooooooo neat and lovely. You must feel so pleased with yourself every time you look at it!


  8. Can you come and do my closet?! Looks awesome!

    Flannery @

  9. Nice job! Unfortunately our closet resembles your before, complete with stuff thrown in from a pre-party clean up. So jealous of the sweaters. I'm a sweater girl trapped in TX, argh!

    Also, I'm letting everyone who commented on my wool and paper Christmas trees that I put together a tutorial if you're interested.

  10. Hi Jenny! So glad I stopped by...I am impressed! A girl just like me...everything neat, organized and labeled! ;o) My hubs says I will put a label on anything that will sit still long enough! Soooo right!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

    I am definitely jealous of your organized closet! I think we are kindred spirits--I like to have all the shirts facing the same way too. I also have that cute knob hanger from Anthropologie! I am a new follower too!

  12. WOW! This is awesome. You're so organized. This looks like a LOT of work but it was so worth every minute you spent sorting and folding. Thanks for linking this up to Sweets This Week! Have a great rest of your weekend :)


  13. Oh My! I know that took a long time, nice job!! Love it!

  14. Every little bit helps, Jenny! I think closets, especially clothes closets, have to be straightened up throughout the year. You know those mornings when you are running late and just nothing is working so it gets tossed aside or the bag of new stuff coming in doesn't get put away right away. I think you've got a good foundation here, though!

  15. Wow -- you accomplished a lot in your closet! Our closet is a disaster, right now! Thanks for visiting House Revivals! I'm glad you like the vintage book page project.

  16. Great ideas and really a nice nice outcome!!

  17. How nice that will be to have all your clothes organized! I just bought those same hooks from Anthropology for my kids' new bathroom! Aren't they great?

  18. Hi from southern Ontario (west of T.O.) I'm stopping by from Coastal Charm. I love organized spaces and yours looks fantastic. Even well organized spaces need to be reorganized and sorted through now and again. Great idea to use the cubbies for folded items. We just pulled the sliding doors off all our bedroom closets and are looking forward to a redo on them soon. I'm going to use curtains for now, 'cause the doors drove us crazy.

  19. You did a terrific job. It always amazes me how just reconfiguring a layout makes such a difference. Most people don't take the time to think it out before they just start doing.

  20. Thanks for linking up with Sweets This Week :)


  21. Just wanted to leave a clothes TIP:
    Many of us have way too many clothes we don't use! To really find out try this: for hanging clothes, hang the hangers all backward to start. As they get laundered, hang them the correct way. At the end of a given time (6-12 mos, seasonally, etc.) or whatever you decide, all the still-backward hangers are clothes that you don't use. I imagine that you could do this with the ones in the cubbyholes as well -facing them the wrong way or slipping a bobby pin onto the neckline and removing it as you use the items.

  22. Love Sharon L.'s comment. We just moved to Manila, Philippines, and I had decided months ago to do that in our new place....

    Anyway, great post and yes, I am now a follower since you're back.

  23. I loved the smart :)
    I enjoyed your house tour but I couldnt leave a comment, such a clean bright home ..loved the accent blue color

    Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

  24. I love how organized your closet is!!! Makes me wanna organize mine! I love the lables... Good idea!

  25. How neat and organized! I need to do something like that!


  26. Love this! The labels are great! I wish I had little cubbies to do that!

  27. Great makeover! It looks so tidy and organised now!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  28. Love your closet. It turned out great and its so organized. I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.


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