Saturday, October 23, 2010

White Storage Boxes

I have pretty little storage boxes - some crafted, some thrifted, some purchased new - in every room in our home. For me, this helps cut down on clutter and keeps things organized. 

For a little while, I'd been looking for something to use in our home office to hold some odds and ends that were unsightly but needed to be in easy reach. I knew I wanted something white, and had been searching for a box that I could paint and distress a little. 

When in New York this past summer, I happened upon these in TJ Maxx. They were the style I wanted and the perfect size -- and at $5.99, I decided to buy two. One can never have enough storage boxes, right?


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  1. Great boxes. I like your idea about having boxes in each room. Thanks for the tip. Ginger


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