Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chair Shopping

This past week my sister Christine and her fiance Andrei made me ridiculously happy by asking me to help makeover their home. They have a really beautiful house, but we're giving it a whole fresh new look (and organizing it as we go). I showed you the guest bathroom refresh we did in a few hours a few days ago.
This week we've also been starting on the living/dining area. It is not quite ready to show off, but I thought I'd share a few pics from one of our shopping trips.

Home Sense is one of my most favourite stores ever. It is a lot like HomeGoods in the US for all you non-Canadians. 

Look at all the rows of white china...

But we were not there to buy china. An accent chair and living room accessories were the objects of our desire... 
Luckily, there were tons of very inexpensive chair options. Let me show you some:

 (Here, beautiful Christine is testing out one of the finalists)

(and this one would have come home with me if I had any place I could possibly put it)

Soon, Christine's new space will be all set up, but for now I'll just give you a glimpse of some of the things we chose. What was especially neat was that Christine said she'd never have chosen any of these things herself, but she was totally willing to go with it and be nudged out of her comfort zone. I hope she'll like the finished product...
We'll be working on it this weekend - can't wait to show you photos!

Thanks Mom and Christine for a great afternoon at HomeSense :)

Done any good shopping lately?


  1. Unfortunately, I haven't done any good shopping lately...other than Hobby Lobby (a craft store:). I'm living vicariously through your excursions- your blog is beautiful as is your decorating taste! I love those chairs as well...:)

  2. Hi Jenny, I LOVE Homegoods, it is like my own personal Disney World and I could spend hours there. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you ask my husband) the closest one to me is about 2 hours. Those chairs are lovely... there were several ones that I actually loved!

    Thanks for linking my Flaunt it Friday party. I started following you a week or 2 ago when I found your lovely blog and living room on my party. Come back soon! :)

  3. Just love white and creamy dishes - these are wonderful! I am sure you'll do terrifically for them, looking forward to the results!

  4. This store does look a lot like Home Goods...I have done the same thing that you are doing...helping my sis decorate her home. Looking forward to seeing what you do!


  5. Hi Jenny,

    That is a great tip. I wish I'd known that during my long hours waiting for a blob of soap to appear!!

    This shop looks amazing, by the way.


  6. Hi Jenny, I really enjoyed looking through some of your previous posts and looking forward to more. I'm your latest follower and so happy you joined me. I love HomeGoods, just went the first time this summer. Fabulous stuff just like your Canadian version. Love those white pitchers with the flowers.
    Happy decorating!

  7. i saw homesense when i was in toronto back in march. awesome store. love that black/white quatrefoil chair. any idea how much is it?

  8. HomeSense...aka Cracktown! I'm totally addicted to that store! :)
    I love the chair and those colors are fabulous together! Can't wait to see the finished look! P.S. How much was the french style chair? I might need to make an emergency run tomorrow! :)

  9. All those fabrics and textures look fab together...can't wait to see it all come together!

  10. Hi everyone -- thanks for your comments, I LOVE them :)

    A few people asked about chair pricing -- here is the best that I can remember or get from zooming in on pictures

    The French style chair was $179.00
    The black and white quatrefoil chair was about $249.00
    The blue one my sister was testing was just over $200
    And the one we went with was $249.00

    See you soon!

  11. I just love finding a gorgeous blog done by a homegirl! I lurvs the HomeSense store too :) I'm gonna be looking around your blog for the next hour or have a great eye. Love your stuff, Lady!


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