Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Simcoe Street Bar

Well, it's 5:00 somewhere and time for happy hour (just kidding). 
Today I'll show you how we stock the bar around these parts...

We don't actually have a bar here at Simcoe Street. But we do like our wine (and Matt likes whiskey), and we like to be well stocked for when we have company 
(which is, thankfully, quite often). 

Of course, this is our usual drink of choice, but we aren't afraid to drink it out of the good crystal any time we please. 
Back to the booze...
We have a little wine fridge where we store our whites and sparkling wines, but our reds sit in a nook in our entertainment TV unit in a little wine rack that we bought 4 years ago at Pier 1 while we were living in Los Angeles. 
On one side of the entertainment unit are glass shelves with a glass door. On the bottom of three shelves is our stash of liquor, along with some antique Waterford Lismore old fashioned glasses purchased on Ebay for $8 a piece. 

On the other shelf are some decanters filled with whiskeys. The little square one in front was an engagement present from my sister-in-law Heather. 
And this one is one I picked up at a New York thrift store as a gift for Matt to mark the end of our time there before we moved from there to Toronto. 
Here's a close-up of the little flask shown on the liquor shelf. I wasn't sure when or where Matt got this, but when I decided to take a picture for this post discovered an inscription on the back... I'll have to ask him who gave this to him. 

And since they were hard to see on the shelf here's those little vintage old fashioneds again. 
The tray they are on is an old one my Mom used to decorate the ladies' room at our wedding. It has been used in all sorts of ways around our home (perfume tray, serving tray, tray with candles on top) but right now we're liking how it showcases the glasses, bouncing light around making the etched glass details really noticeable. 
We also received the modern version of the Lismore old fashioneds 
as a wedding gift and we adore them. I've shown you them once before, but 
here they are again with another cherished wedding gift, a decanter given to us for our wedding from my Aunt Avril, Uncle Chris and their three awesome kids. They are sitting on top of a $5 or $6 Ikea tray purchased about 7 years ago which sits on our garage sale dresser. 

Our formal stemware is all stored away in our china hutch, and some of our other barware is in the kitchen cupboards. Most of it is organized. Most of it. But to keep it real I'll show you where we keep our Spiegelau flutes, assorted martini glasses, etc. (you know, cookbooks and teapots and whatnot) in a corner of the kitchen on an ancient Ikea bookcase - from the Ikea clearance "as is" section, no less... this guy has seen better days. 
This is not our most organized space. Photographing it might just be enough motivation for me to clean it up -- including all the random junk on the floor and window ledge to the right of it...

I'd hate to end with a mess, so instead I'll show you my most favourite barware of all. 

When Matt proposed, he had bought and we used these pretty champagne flutes. We used them again at our wedding, and have used them every year on our anniversary and other special occasions. We were lucky that family friends gave us another set by chance -- we have spares in case something should ever happen, which is great because we plan to toast each other with these babies until we are very, very old. 
 (If you are curious, they are Vera Wang's "Love Knots" flutes)



PS. Spent the day helping my sister Christine continue to fix up her place. I'm hoping we've got the living/dining room done by next week, and I'll show you soon. Look for pics of our home decor shopping trip, too. 

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  1. HI Jenny,

    I absolutely love your post!! Where do I start? Your bar looks great and I absolutely LOVE your champagne flutes! What a great tradition you have. And your decanters are beautiful!

    Thaks so much for linking up. I'll be hosting Happy Hour every Wednesday!!

    PS. My husband is also named Matt!! How funny!


  2. Jenny, Great post! You have some beautiful barware. I am envious of your ebay find of the Lismore old fashions. That is my pattern. Been collecting for 50 yrs. The story of the Love Knot flutes is beautiful. With a hubby that romantic I am sure you will be celebrating for many, many years. We just celebrated #52 in June. We fit like a soft and supple pair of gloves.
    I did score a deal on a Waterford bowl. Take a look at my post "Can you tell the difference".

  3. Jenny's mom from Henrietta's HouseOctober 19, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    What a fabulous post!!! I'm ready to hop on the next plane to Toronto!
    I'm Jenny's mom from Henrietta's House.
    First of all; I love the idea of turning the entertainment center into a bar. We have one at our home in Florida and had thought of doing that and now you've inspired me with your bar.
    Secondly, the your Vera Wang flutes are gorgeous and what a neat story about them.
    Thirdly, my son-in-law's name is also Matt.
    Cheers to Jenny & Matt at Henrietta's House and Simcoe Steet.

  4. You've got some great bar wear! I really love your decanters, and the silver flask, too. I love your Waterford Crystal! Can you believe that when we took a tour of the factory on a vacation to Ireland several years back I didn't buy any?! Guess I need to go back!

  5. Totally jealous of all your beautiful glasses! I don't know why I didn't think to register for more beautiful glasses when we got married! I just didn't think we'd need them! We only have some basic assorted "cheapos!" The only special glasses we registered for were beer mugs and some stemless martini glasses! Love them, but they aren't beautiful!!

    PS. working on my post about my table you inspired and will be linking up your posts to it!

  6. Hi again, Jenny! The flasks are great! I don't think a person can have too many of them! :-) You have lovely barware, and I'm glad you and Matt have a chance to entertain often. Cocktail parties are so much fun!!! Have a good one!

  7. Hi lovely lady. I love your post as in Blog, you have some Beauitful lismore old Fashions glass.s~~~You have a big Family I see lot of love ~~~`We also have Happy Hour at 5:30 on the dot never miss one with my Husband for 24 years.
    I love the story Savannah Granny toll you she is a sweet lady.Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my Tablescapes. Diane

  8. Nothing sparkles like lead crystal. Beautiful display!


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