Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Wedding Cake

I have a lot of favourite things.
China, especially delicate bone china teacups. Pretty stationery. Television. Throw pillows. My family. Old silver serveware. New York side streets. Traveling. My friends. My new blog friends. Everything Christmas. Babies. And weddings. 
One of my most favourite wedding things is wedding cakes. 

Right now we are all helping one of my sisters (did I tell you I have five sisters and one sister-in-law who I consider my sister?) plan her wedding, and it makes me nostalgic, thinking of ours. It was such an amazing day and I wouldn't change a thing. We got married at our former high school, totally transforming the school's dining hall for our reception space. We have tons of DIY ideas from it which I'll be sharing here. 
Anyway, I'll tell you all about it someday, but right now thought I'd just take a minute to share one of my favourite things - our wedding cake. A tall, white, sugar beauty.

The top tier we saved for our anniversary, and the bottom three tiers were sliced and served. The rest was actually faux, just decorated styrofoam. The topper was a pure sugar creation our fabulous cake designer threw in for free. I heart her. We had three distinct flavours - spice cake with mango filling, classic vanilla and a decadent lindt chocolate. 

Here we are (recognize those toasting flutes from this post?)

And look at my Mom and Dad and their pretty cake - also all white. 

Show me your wedding or your favourite cakes!

Ah, weddings.... can't wait to show you more of ours and other favourite weddings we've been to. 

Would love to see yours!

Update: This post was featured at Henrietta's-House. Thank you!!


  1. Wow! Your cake is so intricate and detailed! It's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for letting me know you're a new follower, Jenny! I am now following you. I enjoyed this post! My son is getting married in December, on our 38th wedding anniversary, so I'm interested in all things wedding right now!

  3. What a pretty cake! I haven't ever heard of making "false" layers with styrofoam, but that is such a genius idea.

    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

    P.S. Thanks for the visit and your sweet comment on my sunburst mirror!

  4. I love love love love you cake! Mine was all ivory also but not near as beautiful as yours!

  5. Oh my goodness, that's the most incredible cake I've seen in my life.

  6. So beautiful You and obviously your cake is. Love it very much,love the stryfoam idea.. its good...I am your newest follower hope you like to visit me at

    Hope you enjoyed my craft and DIY project plus love to see our weddings at

    Wish you a great weakend

  7. Your wedding cake is stunning! Wow!
    I make a few cakes here and there that you can check out at
    Thanks for visiting me at my other blog {all is well}!

  8. have some FuN wedding pix from daughter Amy's wedding this june - scattered thruout various blogs at FHC - i know you'd like them when you have a bit of time to browse...
    just wanting to personally invite you, Jenny, to the Victorian/Edwardian Tea Lover's Corner [on my sidebar] since you mentioned your love of fine china teacups! we're actually having an exchange during nov, but need to sign up for it by nov 8th.. hope you'll stop by at least to check it out :) you're very WELCOME both at FHC & the Tea Lover's Corner...we have uk, au, us, and i'm one cdn member :) care to join me?


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