Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini Bathroom Makeover

My sister Christine and her fiance Andrei have bought a gorgeous house in an amazing part of Toronto known as Cabbagetown. Their home is already lovely, but they haven't quite felt settled or set up there yet. This is probably because they are both busy bees, working hard without a lot of time to devote to decor, and also because it can be overwhelming to fix up a whole home and make it feel like yours. I was thrilled when Christine asked me to help spruce up her place. We were being as budget-conscious as possible, and, for now, are not doing any major work or renovations (that may come down the road one day... and I'll post about it when it does!).

Today, I'm going to show you our afternoon makeover on her guest bathroom. This is probably the most outdated room in her house, and not one that they were ready to invest a lot of money in. The idea, then, was to make it feel nicer and fresher using simple, functional accessories. We also wanted to do it quickly and without a ton of effort. Anyone could easily do this in their home in just a couple of hours.

Let's look at the "before":

The bathroom lacked (a) towels for guests, (b) a trash bin, (c) colour, and (d) prettiness. 
We were able to remedy this with a little money and some "shopping the house" in just one afternoon.
(Sorry about the poor photo quality and too-bright flash) 

Here are the "after" photos:

Since the walls were in great condition and light yellow, we decided to work with what we had and use yellow as our guiding colour. We looked in the clearance towel section of Home Sense and found some pretty yellow hand towels and wash cloths. We paired them with some very inexpensive green towel sets (and a few white towels they already had). 

Candles, a new soap pump and dish, a big fluffy bath mat, and an oversized lidded jar for q-tip and cotton ball storage/display also came from Home Sense. 

We brought in the yellow, green and added pops of blue with inexpensive artwork from Home Sense. 

For functional decor, we used a home office organization bin that they already had (and that wasn't in use) to store extra hand towels and wash cloths on the back of the toilet tank. 

Lastly, we relocated this beautiful glass elephant from its spot downstairs where it was getting lost amongst other accessories. The bathroom seemed to bring out its beautiful green. Sadly, I didn't get a good shot of the little guy. He is very special to Christine, as our brother Mikey bought him on an adventure in South Africa and carried him around in his backpack and eventually back home to Canada. Each sister got a different animal. My little giraffe is also something I cherish a great deal. 

I'm glad this special guy has a home where he is really showcased. 

There are a few changes we'll be making soon, like painting the dated wood trim on the cabinet doors (maybe white, maybe blue?) and eventually bigger jobs like updating the shower. For now, though, it feels like a cozy, fresh room that hopefully guests will feel right at home in. 

Christine and Andrei, I hope you both like your "new" guest bathroom. Thanks for letting me have fun decorating in there!

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  1. Hi Jenny...

    What a beautiful bathroom redo, my friend! It's awesome how much change that adding a few pretty accessories can bring! The sagey green is beautiful with the soft it! Thank you so much for sharing this pretty redo with us for Sunday Favorites!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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