Thursday, October 28, 2010

Framed Plates

Hello friends,
Today is just a quick post to say I am so sorry if you've left a comment or a question and haven't heard back from me -- I've been feeling very under the weather and have been away from my computer. I have been reading them over now and then, and hearing from you always makes me smile :) 
I promise I'll be getting back to you and spending tons of time updating myself on what you all have been doing on your blogs very very soon. 

One comment caught my eye that I wanted to share. Cindy from Custom Comforts pointed out that my parrot plates were the same ones used by Sarah Richardson. Say what?! I love Sarah Richardson's designs, but hadn't noticed this connection. A quick google search, and here is a pic that shows the plates framed as bedroom art. Mine were $18 for the set of four (granted, on clearance) so this would be an inexpensive project. Another great idea from the talented Ms. Richardson. Thanks, Cindy!

And here are the plates on my table:

Here are some options for creating a very different look using Sarah's same idea. 

These "Vino" plates from Pottery Barn would look great framed in a kitchen or dining room (On sale, $20.99 for 4). To purchase, click here

Or these clock plates would be neat - in a bedroom, a home office, a living room, or anywhere really. Pottery Barn, $39 for 4. To purchase click here.

For home bar decor, these could be cute. $12.95 for 4 at Crate and Barrel. To purchase click here.

And perhaps these six travel plates from Crate and Barrel are my favourite, and only @24.95 for all 6!  Click here to purchase. 

See you soon

PS. Reminder that you can win a set of teapot teaspoons -- go here for details


  1. Fabulous!! I loved the parrot plates too ;)

  2. I love Sarah Richardson! Her show is one of the few hubby will watch too. Great minds think alike.

  3. Hi lovely lady. your dinnerware is so lovely and the parrots are cute. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my Vintage Tablescapes.


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