Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Decorating Flashback: The Bunkie

Isn't it fun to look back at how our styles have evolved over time? 

Today, I'm sharing with you one of my first big decorating projects. 

My parents have a beautiful cottage not too far outside of Toronto. I'll have to share pictures of it with you soon -- it is truly the warmest, happiest cottage and holds so many good memories. Today, I'm sharing the cottage's bunkie.

What's a "bunkie"? It is a little 'house' located about 100 metres from the main cottage. Anyway, it is a little one-room space with two sets of bunk beds and a few other random cast-off furniture pieces. My friend Heather and I decided one summer when we were young kids to clear out the spiders and nastiness, paint the walls and trim, and buy what we considered very fine decor -- Disney and Spice Girls posters. We also used a few older posters that we had lying around. We thought we were brilliant to use nails as hooks for our flashlights, too. My parents outfitted the place with the bunk beds and gave us free reign to choose everything else (such as the bedding, which is unfortunately not pictured here but fit in perfectly with the poster choices). We loved it - despite the fact that there is no plumbing, heating or cooling, and the fact that we found it truly terrifying to sleep in most of the time, it was (and is) a fun space that we adored making ours. 

I rarely visit the Bunkie when I'm at the cottage these days, but popped in to take a quick picture to share the last time I was there. 

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  1. Love, love, love the bunkie. Every family with teenagers needs a bunkie. What a great way for you and your friend to breakout your decorating skills. I think it is awesome. I would have runaway from my kitchen and stayed with the kids if I had one when my kids were young. They would have probably thrown me out but I would have tried.
    Thanks for your visit and kind words this morning. I will visit again soon.


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