Monday, October 18, 2010

Coffee Table Centrepiece

I like to switch it up a lot here on Simcoe Street. On my budget, this means using things that I can find around the house in new ways to give the same old stuff and whole new feel. 
It can also mean decorating with fruit :)

Today, I'm using a beautiful old silverplated bowl found at a thrift store in Oakville over the summer (originally $12, but I got it for $9 - don't you love feeling like you got a deal?) and a bunch of clementines that we got at the grocery store as a coffee table centrepiece. 
I love how it adds a pop of bright orange and texture to the room.

And so you can see the bowl a little better:

You can spot the oranges in our living room here

An unexpected bonus? As I'm lazing about watching TV it is a great reminder to reach for a healthy snack rather than something more sinful...

Have you decorated with fruit lately?

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  1. Oh definitely! Green granny smith apples go great in our wooden bowl on our kitchen table. And I'm like you, I think it helps remind me to eat them.


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