Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas is creeping in...

Well it is just days before Halloween and on tons of my favourite blogs Halloween holiday decor ideas abound. But something decidedly unseasonal is creeping into my house....Christmas!
 Maybe it is because we have never owned our own place before, or because we've never had a place we could actually put a Christmas tree in. Whatever the reason, I'm already super excited about Christmas this year. 
Much like I worked my fall decor into my space by painting my pumpkins antique white, lots of our Christmas decor is silver and white and will work into the space in a subtle way (I hope!).  This year, I'm also adding another colour we have a lot of in our living room... blue!
Here is a sneak peak at some of the things I've got in store that were purchased recently at Home Sense. I am going back for a few more things I've had my eye on tomorrow. I find that if I wait, the good stuff at discount stores is gone, and I get too tempted to shop at stores I can't really afford...
Can't wait to show you our place all decorated in December!
(or maybe November - we'll see how long I hold out)

A dangerous precedent is being set here, too. I didn't know where to store the new Christmas stuff, and stuck it in the guest bath (hidden by the curtain) when we had company over. That was over a week ago, and it hasn't moved. I have to resist the urge to make the bath tub my new storage unit...

 Ok, back to Halloween!!!


  1. Ohhhhhhh, the bathtub is such a good hiding place!
    That's where I have the cat box! {Please don't tell anyone! ;}

    m ^..^

  2. I have a great idea for you!! Make sure one of your Christmas gifts is a gift card to the store with the expensive decorations. Then after Christmas you might be able to get a few of the things you had your eye on for fifty percent off. Also I've hid things things all over my house when company is coming. Once I put my stack of mail under my pillow.Lol

  3. Love the colors. We had the same colors last year! I'm changin' it up again this Christmas. This weekend I plan to start working on some Christmas decor but I feel like it's too soon. I look forward to seeing your decorations all set up. :)

  4. I always decorate for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving ;) I'm so excited about it this year... I'm already fighting the urge to put up decorations! hehe

  5. I'm so glad it's not just me champimng at the bit to get on with Christmas gorgeousness.

    I was putting together a Christmassy tutorial today and wondering if I really am a Christmas elf! I just love it allso much.

    I loved the way you worked your Fall decorating around your colour scheme.

    Can't wait to see what you do with Christmas!!

  6. Jenny... love the silver, blue and white you plan to use for Christmas... It's going to be beautiful! (great transition into New Years with these colors, too).


  7. OH...And I say start in November with me!! Especially since this is your first year at your place... enjoy it longer!!

  8. Oh, if you start decorating in silver, blue, and white, you may get tired of my comments!! :) Those are my Christmas colors too! (Ok, and all the time colors!)

    I've been forbidden by the hubby to decorate before Thanksgiving! That's ok, I actually love my fall decor for once!


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