Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas in October?

On October 15th I was strolling around town and wandering in and out of some of my favourite stores when I spotted something that stopped me in my tracks: Christmas decorations. Home Sense had cleared away the fall and moved Halloween items to a small corner, giving Christmas centre stage. In early October. This seemed early...

(Image via Oncemade.com)

For some people, this prompts head shaking and mutterings about how it is too early. 
I am admittedly not one of those people. I was delighted

Being a little Christmas crazy and a bit of a ridiculous person in general, I couldn't help but schlep home a bag of new Christmas baubles. I justified this to Matt by showing him how inexpensive everything was and saying that if we wait until November or December there'll be nothing left and well end up paying full price for stuff that we may not love!I practically had no choice but to buy it! Right? 

Being the sweet man that he is, he simply said that he loved everything and couldn't wait to see our new home all decorated one day. He's a total keeper. 

(Image via bhg.com)

Megan of Honey We're Home, one of my most favourite blogs ever (check it out if you're unfamiliar), also recently bought some new Christmas loot, so I know I'm not alone in getting prepared early... Megan, maybe we are both ridiculous? (Do you like how I'm pretending Megan might actually read this? A novice blogger can dream...)

In our living area, we are not going with red and green this year. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been admiring some of the gorgeous red and green stuff out there. 
Today, here are some of my picks for not-just-for-Christmas tableware for a casual holiday lunch for those of us on a budget (and people who can't store themed stuff that they can only use once a year).

 The stemware, flatware and dishes below could be paired with any white china and a few decorative ornaments, pinecones and/or Christmas candies scattered about the table to have a very festive table without a big investment. I envision them being used for a casual brunch, lunch or no-fuss dinner, but you could mix them in with fancier pieces for a formal affair. They can also be repurposed all year long because they aren't "Christmas" per se.

Here they are:

I'm loving this pretty olive green stemware from Pier 1 Imports (www.pier1.com, $5-$6). 

These bright red chargers (www.pier1.com, $4)

This red flatware set from Walmart (www.walmart.com, $14.97 for service for four)
Click here to purchase now in the US, or shop in store in Canada. 

These pretty gilded napkin rings from Pottery Barn (on sale! - regularly $39 for six, now $14.99 with free shipping). Find them here to purchase now. 

These glasses, which would make for some excellent pomegranate or cranberry martinis...
(overstock.com, $67.99 for 8, found here)
Green glass napkin rings (Bed Bath and Beyond, $1.99 each, found here)

Paired with these fun glass tumblers for water glasses or on a casual Christmas or kids' table (Bed Bath and Beyond, $19.99 for 4, found here)

And, because I love all things monogrammed, I am especially digging these gold monogrammed chargers. I might be ordering these... (Overstock.com, $45.99 for 8, found here)

Lastly, for a modern Chanukah table (or non-traditional Christmas table), I think these are divine (www.pier1.com, $7). 

Tell me, have you made any Christmas or Chanukah purchases lately?

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  1. i've really been cruising the thrift shops this past month picking up FaB stuffers for the stockings, for a secret santa blog exchange with mine needing to arrive in the UK on time! so totally FuN! i've found Verry Cool vintage ornaments and cheese knives, entire Christmas dish sets for $5! it's a wonderful world at our MCC - as the staff are all volunteer vs vv boutique where they pay high rent for lg bldgs and fulltime staff wages... makes a huge diff! what do you have in TO that might compare? Sally Ann?


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