Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas in August

My Christmas in October post got me thinking about an awesome party my in-laws threw this summer. It was a Christmas in August party. It started that every year my wonderful mother- and father-in law would host a party for their kids' friends. It was a chance for everyone who was home for the holidays to reconnect and celebrate. Last year, due to travel and crazy schedules, we couldn't find a day for the party. Instead, they decided they'd wait and host a summer BBQ. Somewhere along the way, we decided to meld the two ideas. The carols were blaring, the house was decked out in its Christmas finest, and lots of guests showed up dressed the part in the summer heat. If you've never done a party like this (and I'm guessing most people haven't, right?) you totally should, it was a blast. I wish I had pictures of it all -- as so often happens, I was too wrapped up in the fabulous company (some of whom are pictured below) to remember to photograph the decor.

Who says Christmas can only come once a year?

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