Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A quick hello and overdue update....

Hello, hello.... anybody out there?

This week, I was delighted to get not one but two sweet emails from former readers inquiring as to whether or not I was still, well, alive and all that. It was totally, completely heartwarming to hear from old blog friends, and felt hardly deserved. It's been a good long time since I've posted on my blog, and I am rarely able to comment on all the bazillions of blogs I spend the wee hours of the night/morning poring over (I always want to comment, but I am usually on my phone and juggling a baby with my other hand. I am silently following along though!!). I basically up and disappeared and am really sorry to my blog friends and readers for that. It was never my intention. I blame these guys:

Just kidding. But, I thought a stop in with a quick hello was long overdue. 

I am not back to regular blogging. This is more of a pop-in visit to with a bit of an update. I hope to get back to blogging one day, but not just yet. Fingers crossed that one of these days I get it together though. 

First things first -- a few personal updates. Regular readers might be wondering about the pic at the top of this post. When I last posted, Violet was still a newborn. A lot has changed. When Violet was a year old (13 months to be exact), we welcomed our third baby! Meet our little Tessa Shannon, who was born summer 2014. 
She has been such a gift and brings me so much joy. Her big brother and sister adore her, too. 
All the kids are doing great. Benjamin is a thriving, chatty, hilarious little man who at age 3 is as fascinating and wonderful as can be. Violet will turn 2 in May and is growing into a fearless, funny, affectionate little lady who I just can't get enough of. I'm running around like mad just trying to keep up with all of them. I've also been lucky to have another nephew and two new nieces since my last post. The kids are truly beginning to outnumber us, but I couldn't be happier about their adorable little crew. At 3.5, Ben is the oldest of the seven! 

The house is coming along well, too. I hope to share some updates soon -- so many projects have been worked on, completed, and dreamed up since I last updated. But that will have to wait for another rainy (freezing rain, currently) day. Matt and I have loved working on this house and really making it our home. I'm still loving the process and hope I will get the chance to share the nitty gritty of it with you all.

Anyway, this is all a very long-winded, rambling way of saying hello and that I miss you. I miss blogging and being part of this wonderful big network of like-minded people. No one in my day-to-day life is nearly as interested in talking about Ikea's new kitchen line, spray paint techniques, or tile trends as I would like (Matt really does try, god bless him). So if you are reading this (which, frankly, seems unlikely) please know how grateful I am. Thank you for keeping your wonderful blogs going to get me through seemingly endless strings of sleepless nights and keep me motivated as I work away at our own little home. 

See you soon!

Jenny xo

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Still here...

Hello all,

Just a quick note to say we are alive and well, but apparently too thoroughly enjoyed the summer days of relaxing (and completely neglecting the blog) and are now swamped with the start of fall. Summer was awesome -- including a road trip to the Adirondacks and Montreal, weddings, parties, lazy days at home, and lots more. Now we have done a 180 and things are in full swing around here.Matt started a new job yesterday, Ben started a toddler preschool last week (not going that well so far, we will see if we stick with it), and a whole bunch of other things going on -- weddings galore (September is full of weddings for us), house stuff, etc. Thankfully, we will be coming up for air soon. In the mean time, apologies for my absence! 
Jenny xo

Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Personalized Kids' Name Art (in $1 frames)

This project cost $0. And I love it.  
Let me show you....
Our new house has a funny layout, with two bedrooms on the main floor and two upstairs. We made the upper floor a kids' floor. You can see Ben's room here and the still-a-work-in-progress nursery for Violet here. 

On the little landing at the top of the stairs, I just added some super easy free art. 

You might remember these prints from when I blogged about a bunch of free, downloadable kids' art pieces here. I printed up 8x10s and popped them in some very old dollar store frames.

The frames have made several appearances on the blog. We first bought them 5.5 years ago and sprayed them gold for our wedding guest book table display, which featured wedding pics of almost all of our married wedding guests (which was a total surprise to the guests, and still one of my favourite things from our wedding). You can see the frames in the back row, sort of in the centre, in the shot below.
Later the frames were spray painted white and hung in a gallery fashion in our old condo kitchen, seen here. (The frames are top left and bottom right in this picture).

They are getting a new life yet again. Who would have thought these cheap frames would live so many lives!
If you would like your own free personalized name art, visit On To Baby. You can customize in lots of colours and add any name you like. 

Jenny xo

Friday, August 9, 2013

Home Office: Built-In Billy Bookcases

A quick peek at the built-in ikea billy bookcases we installed in our home office...

Lots to be done, but we have come so far! Here's the before:
Much more to come!

Jenny xo

Friday, August 2, 2013

Basement TV Room Art

We bought two big Ikea Ribba frames for the city print maps we used to have in the condo (they first lived in our office before we turned it into Benjamin's nursery -- that feels like a lifetime ago!). Just thought I'd share a quick snapshot with you -- obviously better photos of the finished product to come when the room is all finished. 

For more on this space, see this post.

See you soon,
Jenny xo

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Benjamin's Room

Yesterday I gave a very quick update on Violet's room (here), and while I was snapping photos in there I thought I'd snap a few of Ben's room, too. You can see all the details here, and not much has changed.  Pictured above is our spare set of sheets (planes instead of cars) - we rotate the two as I try to keep up with laundry, ha. The built-in bookcase is also changing all the time as Ben rearranges toys and books. I also like to vary what is on the shelves, rotating out toys and books to keep them interesting for him. Here it how it looked yesterday:
For more on Benny's room, see this post. 

See you soon,
Jenny xo

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Violet's Nursery Progress

We're making very small amounts of progress in Violet's room.
I recently showed you more about the space here, but thought I'd give a quick photo update.
I haven't had a chance to snap photos of the closet, but we've found some great storage solutions and have organized it - finally! 

Baby steps... hopefully one day we'll actually hang some art and finish off the space!

Jenny xo

Friday, July 26, 2013

Loving Summer

We have finally had some absolutely gorgeous weather here, and I wound up relaxing so much with the kids and Matt that I more or less forgot about everything else. I haven't been on the computer much. This is quite rare for me.  I'm sorry for disappearing, but I hope you too find yourself just soaking in the long sunny days and forgetting about everything else. Here's a few instagram snapshots -- more to come, along with house updates and whatnot. Until then, I hope you have a happy, dreamy weekend. 
Back to regular posting very soon!